Sunday, February 19, 2012

The First Steps

Our team will start working from tomorrow on for real. We will meet hopefully quite often and have split our team in two; design & art and programming. We will of course work as a whole team but dividing into these two will help in the beginning, since the programmers are writing the basic code while I and our designer work on the visuals and mechanics.

I'm quite interested in how the game is going to look like. I have made a few mood boards to support the ideal themes for the game as well as a couple of sketchy backgrounds and color schemes. The theme is not set yet but we are currently working on it. Once it's set, we can start thinking about the icons and all other theme-related stuff. It might be that we still have to come up with several other ideas for the theme.
A quick sketch
 of the possible
The background is going to scroll down once the player makes progress in the game. One round takes 60sec and I thought 3 times screen height is enough. That will be tested later on.
I'm going to emphasize on testing in this project because in my last project there was too less testing. The game has to be fun and easy to understand.

My goals are to make decent-looking graphics and learn to use Illustrator (vectors in amount) well in this project.

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